Taj Mahal


On January 27, K and I served as chaperones for 23 Colby students and a string quartet of young boys from the Gandhi Ashram School (who will play a movement of a Mozart String Quartet today on two concerts).


Ticket to the Taj!

The bus ride was quite long and we saw a bit more of India (including camels pulling carts and a person riding an elephant)!

Here are some photos.


G & K in front of the Taj.


One of the “Red Mosques” on either side of the Taj Mahal.


Plaque with information.

To read, you might need to copy and enlarge.



The walls and the tomb inside are all carved marble with inlaid sem-precious stones. The intricacy and detail (and the sheer volume of the decorations is almost incomprehensible!


Detail of section of wall inlay.


More detail!


Sites along the way.

I call this Agra Montage


Mother and her child in the median of the highway.

Please note the symbolic crucifix formed by the shadow of a street sign behind her.


The sidewalk is as good a place as any to sew up your shirt!


….or take a bath


The cellist and violist of the Gandhi Ashram String Quartet.

They had never been on a plane before, nor had they traveled more than 30 miles from their homes in Kalimpong before this trip.





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