Today, February 3, 2008 I was cleaning out my briefcase from the trip to India in readiness to teach on Monday. I found a crumpled note at the bottom of my bag. It was one of the Gandhi Ashram student’s text from their “I have a dream” speeches that were presented on the final assembly. K asked to have them after the students were done with their presentation.  I was truly touched by the power of its simplicity. Here it is. I was careful to transcribe it as faithfully as possible (including the interesting use of case).

I have a Dream

Today I know what dreams are made of:

i> It is a chemistry of Friends and Books, parents and Teachers, work and Fun, Sorrow and happiness and a whole lot of blessings from the almighty.

ii> An only these matter in the end when all other selfish dreams turn to dust.


  1. I found your blog randomly on Google, but suddenly all of the emotions rushed back to me. It was so beautiful to see how you decided to capture your time at Gandhi Ashram. Thank you for being such a wonderful support to all of us who were there, and I hope that you still remember all of our students!

    • Thanks for your comment and kind words. I’m glad my blog brought back the emotions of our intense experience at the Ashram. I remember each and every Colby student and will never forget how freely and unselfishly you gave your time, energy and love to the young students at the school. That month in India is something my wife and I hold as a very dear and special memory. It gives us hope for the future in a very scary world.

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